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Krik! Krak!

Tales from Around the World

Kuwento Mizik takes listeners around the world with Brazilian & Haitian folk music and Indian and Persian love songs.  Haiti’s musical storytelling form of Kont frames vibrant stories about a magical fish from Haiti and an ambitious butterfly from the Philippines.  Krik! Krak! showcases Kuwento Mizik’s own arrangements, often with live percussion, for an evocative and captivating evening.

I've Known Rivers

Music by African American poets & composers.

Kuwento Mizik delves into the rich repertoire of African American composers and poets. Starting around the Chicago Black Renaissance, listeners will be immersed in the music of Margaret Bonds and Florence Price.  After a taste of the lush piano works of Nathaniel Dett, listeners will then take in more contemporary works by Leslie Adams, John Musto and Ricky Ian Gordon. Stepping back in time, Kuwento Mizik then presents their original adaptations of African American work songs, culminating with their own original musical tale: Sylvie and the Water Tree based on the well known folk song  “Bring me a little Water Sylvie.”

American Excursions

American Music

Inspired by Samuel Barber’s “Excursions” for solo piano, Kuwento Mizik travels across the musical landscape of the United States.  Audiences will hear old country hymns, folk tunes, Negro Spirituals, solo piano and contemporary classical music, highlighting the many ways musicians have explored faith, love, mourning, joy and despair in the United States of America.

Kuwento Mizik is excited to craft a program that reflects the curiosity and interests of your audience. 

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